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The world is full of fun and parties. Yes, it is true if you can find where the party is taking place. Ever wondered what the best places are for some adult fun and enjoyment? For men, one of the cherished places to have fun is amazing brothels. It is widely accepted that a beautiful and voluptuous girl can give more pleasure to a man than anything else in the world. Now, if you are thinking the same then you must be very happy to know that Daawn is exclusively bringing you a list of top eight brothels across the world.

8. The Site, Sydney, Australia:

This is one of the most discussed brothels in the world and it features at number 8 in our list. It is located in Sydney and men get an array of women from different corners of the world. You will certainly get Aussie women but apart from that, you will find African, Brunette etc. The place covers almost all your needs and you have to pay $150 for 30 minutes and $270 for 1 hour.


7. Nana, Bangkok, Thailand:

Generally, people go to Bangkok to shop since Bangkok offers many products to buy but Bangkok also has Nana. Nana is a place where you will find fun beyond expectations. The Nana Entertainment Plaza is situated in Bangkok Downtown.

The building has four separate floors with so many bars and the names are even more arousing such as Lollipop, The Rock Hard and G-Spot. Here, you must negotiate with the girls before you get her consent for a mutual sexual relationship.



6. Bernds Sauna Club, Schieferhof, Germany:

Securing the sixth place in our list is Bernds Sauna club and when you visit their website, you will surely notice a phrase ‘Mutter aller Clubs’ which means ‘Mother of All Clubs’. Well, here you will find that many of the girls have already become a mother but there are so many others who are not. Summer is the ideal time to visit this place, as you will be able to see naked girls taking sunbath openly.

5. FKK Oase, Frankfurt, Germany:

FKK Oase makes it to the 5th spot. Like the FKK World, this brothel is also located in the forest near Frankfurt. This amazing and brilliant brothel features pillars, statues of Venus, and a plethora of columns. Here, the women do all the work, which means that you can expect them to sidle up to you while you go on a hard-to-get mode.


4. Centaurus, Rio de Geneiro, Brazil:

Men, let’s admit that whenever we think of Brazil the first thing that comes to our mind is not football rather sexy and voluptuous ladies with big butts and boobs. Centaurus ranks four in the race of best brothels across the world. Here, all your wild dreams turned into realities. You will find girls of your dreams here. This place will provide all your sexual desire. You have to be prepared to pay $210 to get the lady of your choice for 40 minutes.

3. The Relax Nightclub, Hamburg, Germany:

This is one of the greatest brothels across the world. The Relax Night Club is situated in Hamburg in Germany. Girls only wear lingerie and masks to up the tempo of men. The sexual desire automatically gets a boost here and the anticipation too.


2. The Bunny Ranch, Carson City, Nevada:

It is a scintillating brothel situated in the North-West of Las Vegas. This is a place where you can get actual taste of Brothel life. Here, you will find full of sexy and seductive ladies who are ready to get laid with you all the time.



1. Tifanny’s, Sydney, Australia:

This ranks at the top in the list of World’s best brothels. This offers the greatest and widest range of girls. You will find girls from all corners of the world here who will satisfy all your thirst. However, this establishment handles very high end customers so you need to be prepared from all aspects including monetary part.

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